Sunday, 24 October 2010

Well today

I have done bugger all :)
Well, that's not really true.
I kind of made a book/diary thing? Sounds crap, but it's actually pretty good! In my opinion anyway...

And I've also been practicing my guitar and sorting my wall out. Hahaa, that sounds funny. But you get me. Well you should.

So yeaaah... Oh god. My blackberry is pissing the hell out of me! It's sooo annoying! The time has suddenly gone an hour behind, but on the settings it has the right time, but on my screen it hasn't got the right time. Really annoying.
And my messaging times are still right? :S
And also, I keep losing signal... And it's not even like I live in some random place where there's just the local coffee shop! It's weird :S
And what the hell?! 'Local coffee shop'? What was I thinking? Hahahaha! Ah, I do make myself laugh at times :')

But yeah. Reeeally annoying.
Makes me want my shitty LG back!

Okay, no.
It really doesn't. But shush.

But yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I don't really know what else to say...

Mr. Blog ♥

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