Tuesday, 26 October 2010


At the moment, I am in my sisters flat in Preston.
So sooo bored! So I have decided to blog crap! :D

I've gotta stay here for three hours while I wait for her to come back from her lecture! FML.
Noones on facebook chat, which isn't helping my bordom at the moment "/

But hey :)
I've had a pretty good day so far, just been shopping.
So yeah!

I really really need to start revising!
I said to myself the other day that I was going to start revising for all my subjects almost every spare moment I had. But I've kept putting it off!
I really need to start, because I want to do well. I know its not gonna be great, but theres no harm in trying :)

Gaaaad... I'm well tired. Got up at like 9 and wont be going home until about 9ish tonight.
Long day!
And yeeeah.. Basically.. Yeah :P

I'm probably boring you.
That's if you're even reading this!

Mr. Blog ♥

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