Sunday, 31 October 2010

Like well good

Ahh! I had such a good night at Kirsty's Halloween/birthday party last night :)
Sooo funny! My cheeks are hurting from laughing so much and my eyes are too, from lack of sleep.
Gonna go get a nice hot bath then go to bed, read my Harry Potter and sleep :)
Yum yum yum yum yumm!

I'm really not looking forward to seeing pictures of myself from last night!
They're gonna be soo bad! Bloody hell.

God, I'm really tired!

You ♥

Mr. Blog ♥

Friday, 29 October 2010

I really need

A new bag.
A face transplant.
My toes shrinking.
And my eyes too.
My nose de-bobbleising.
A bomb to drop on my room.
Some new paints.
A new sketch pad.
A big old wooden chess board.
An old, screwed up camera.. That still works.
New clothes.
A job.
A sewing machine.
Some new black nail varnish.
My hair sorting out.
To be warm.
A brace.
A cuddle off my moo (mum)
My Betty.

Mooooooooooooooer :)
I'm really sleepy...

Mr. Blog

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I want this hat!

I well like this hattttt! :D
Mens section in H&M... I may just have to buy it :)
Probably won't suit me though "/


At the moment, I am in my sisters flat in Preston.
So sooo bored! So I have decided to blog crap! :D

I've gotta stay here for three hours while I wait for her to come back from her lecture! FML.
Noones on facebook chat, which isn't helping my bordom at the moment "/

But hey :)
I've had a pretty good day so far, just been shopping.
So yeah!

I really really need to start revising!
I said to myself the other day that I was going to start revising for all my subjects almost every spare moment I had. But I've kept putting it off!
I really need to start, because I want to do well. I know its not gonna be great, but theres no harm in trying :)

Gaaaad... I'm well tired. Got up at like 9 and wont be going home until about 9ish tonight.
Long day!
And yeeeah.. Basically.. Yeah :P

I'm probably boring you.
That's if you're even reading this!

Mr. Blog ♥

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Well today

I have done bugger all :)
Well, that's not really true.
I kind of made a book/diary thing? Sounds crap, but it's actually pretty good! In my opinion anyway...

And I've also been practicing my guitar and sorting my wall out. Hahaa, that sounds funny. But you get me. Well you should.

So yeaaah... Oh god. My blackberry is pissing the hell out of me! It's sooo annoying! The time has suddenly gone an hour behind, but on the settings it has the right time, but on my screen it hasn't got the right time. Really annoying.
And my messaging times are still right? :S
And also, I keep losing signal... And it's not even like I live in some random place where there's just the local coffee shop! It's weird :S
And what the hell?! 'Local coffee shop'? What was I thinking? Hahahaha! Ah, I do make myself laugh at times :')

But yeah. Reeeally annoying.
Makes me want my shitty LG back!

Okay, no.
It really doesn't. But shush.

But yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I don't really know what else to say...

Mr. Blog ♥

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Ahh. Last day tomorrow!

Probably gonna be complaining of boredom these holidays, but hey. I can't wait to have a decent lie in and stay in bed all day! :)

I'm so so tired lately. I need to catch up on sleep and be lazy :)
Which isn't actually normally like me. I normally wake up at like 8 at weekends.
But now its getting to like 11. I know its not late, but it is for me!

I haven't had a nap for like 2 days now.
Bloody hell.
I feel like I've died.

Well, not really cos I'm still pretty awake and lively. But you know what I mean. Maybe...

But yeaaaaaah. I don't really know what to say. Well I do, but I'll end up rambling more and then people will probably know more than I want them to.

Hahaa, I was in town with James today. We went in a phonebox and rang.. someone. It was just really really funny. I didn't stop laughing for ages. And when I did, I started again. Haha.
Ah dear :')

Gonna go draw I think :)

Mr. Blog ♥

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Oooooooooh! I'm so happpppppppy :D

I love my Betty :D
And whoever else :P

But yeahhh! I'm so so happy! :D

And yeah.. Just thought I'd say thatttt: I went to bed last night at 8:40 and didn't get to sleep until 11:40. FML!
I went for an early night, and did it happen? No.
Great stuff!
But stilllllll, I don't really care! :D

Happy happy happpppppyyyy!

Ooooh, and it was also very fun watching a squirrel jump from tree to tree at Dalton Sq. with Joe, Ruby and Bunnie. Hahahaa.
I now have a random video of a tree slightly moving as the squirrel jumps.
Hahaha! It was funny :)


Mr. Blog ♥

Monday, 18 October 2010

Ah goddddd

I'm so so tired lately!
I always am... But even more so lately!

I think its a winter thing. My body just decides not to function and not be bothered during winter, which makes me just sleep constantly!
Like, last winter. One day I slept for 16 hours! Not even joking... I was kinda proud of myself though, because I can never lie in or sleep for ages in one go. You just find me going up for naps in dribs and drabs throughout the day. There's no need to ask where I am. It's kinda obvious I'll be in bed :)

But yeah. Basically I'm really tired lately.
Just thought I had to tell you ;)

Mr. Blog ♥

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Schoool tomorrrrowww... Major ceebs!
But hey.

Goddd.. It's so cold! Bloody global warming!
I regret blogging now!
It's freeezing.

However I do quite like it. I love clear, freezing cold days. Where the suns out and there seems to be a sense of warmth, but its freezing and there's leaves everywhere; brown, gold and red. And you've been outside for ages, then you come back inside, your face flushed pink, and you go and sit by the fire and have hot soup and homemade bread. Yum.

That would probably be my perfect winter day.

However much I like snow, I hate the way it doesn't last long enough. And the only time you seem to be able to play in it, is at night. Which does kinda make it more exciting, with the smell of burning in the night air...
But there is the fact that you could end up getting raped, and that spoils the whole idea for me personally.

But yeah.
Mmm. Winter! :D

Mr. Blog ♥

Despicable Me!

I went to go see it the other day! It was so goooood! :D
Not only was it great, and I went to see it... I also got some cardboard minions!
I got one big one and two little ones! :D :D

Here's my big one:

And my little onesssss:They're on my wall next to David! :D
Aren't they cuteeee?! :)

Yeah, just thought I'd show you really! They're adorable!
Thank you Anastasia ;D

Mr. Blog ♥


Argh. My hair is sooo freaking annoying!

I got it cut the other day but its still annoying me.

See the left bit? It's stressing me outttt! Don't really know why, but you know...

So yeah, I think I'm just gonna go hack it myself.
Can't do much harm :)
NOTE: (Yet again) Excuse the way I look. Not my fault I was born this way...

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blinking Nora's

Great dayyyyy!
Don't really know why, but they just seem to be lately :D

At the moment I'm trying to learn guitar. It's failing. Unfortunately.
I played it for four years. Stopped in year 6... And now I can't pick it back up!
Blooody hell.
But yeah, I'm gonna keep on trying :)

Yeah. Don't really know what else to say, Mr Blog.
So, goodbye :)


Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Gosh, I'm so tired lately!
And its so so cold out!
But they've been really nice like, blue skies and cold kinda days. I love them :)

I randomly keep feeling like going on really long runs :S Which is really weird, seeing as I actually can't run much further than 100m. Hahaa.
I actually need to start exercising. I never do anything and feel so lazy.
Oooh, I feel like playing chess too? This is weird. Although I do like chess. Strange, but true.
I feel like a long walk in the country too...
I don't know why I suddenly feel like doing these things? :S ahhaa

Well, I don't really know what else to say..
Except for.. Everything is so hunky dory :D


Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Welllllllll... Yeah :)
I'm great at the moment, Mr Blog.
It feels as though everything has been totally scrapped and things are all just starting again. It's great :)

I'm really looking forward to "Cake Wednesday" which is gonna be on Thursday! Such a great idea, mainly because its an excuse to eat loads of cake in the morning, which is always good :D
I'm also looking forward to Kirsty's halloween/birthday party :D Should be pretty good :)

I'm really not looking forward to my history coursework, which is just way too much effort and a great big headache. But I'll of finished it pretty soon. So alls good :)

So yeah, thought I'd basically say a load of crap.. :D


I'm such a happy cat. I mean.. Girl :)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Harry Potter

Wowww my God.
I can't wait until Harry Potter comes out in November!
Although I don't think the film will be as good as the book, I still think the film is gonna be great!
I'm so so excited!

I wanna get an "I love Harry Potter" t-shirt to wear for when I go see it... Eeeeeek.
I'm so excited! Reading the book again for like the 7th time. I love Harry Potter soo much!

After this film it's gonna be like the end of an era! :(

But I still can't wait! Yey!


Friday, 8 October 2010


James Blunt.
I've always loved his songs, even if people do think they are depressive, they're good. But only now can I really say that I understand every word in them.
It's strange.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

What a day.

Today has got to be the worst day ever.
I have no idea what to do now.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

A basic insight of what went on with my hair this weekend...

Okay then. So, basically this is how my hair was before I started fucking it up this weekend :)

Problem No. 1. I turned blonde on top and ginger underneath. And yes, it looked worse than this in real life.

A worse picture... The light was on me more.

And that was basically because I used this:It was meant to strip all of the colour out of my hair. It obviously failed.

Problem No.2. I dyed my hair the next morning (after having to go to the chemist with my hood up. Yes, they did think I was weird) and I basically turned this colour:

Because of this hair dye:

I tried to cover up how bad I looked by putting my hair up while I went into town with my sister, to buy (yet again) more dye:Didn't make me look much better, I know.

Problem solved?
Okay, so I got more dye from town and I'm basically now the same colour I was before. Which is this:
Because of... This:
So basically I'm back to how I was.
What have I learnt this weekend?
Not to put too many colours on my hair at once because it will fuck up.
To listen to my mum.
Trying to hide your hair with a hoodie will work, but questions will be asked (by the butcher!)
That more people are bothered about MY hair than I am. i.e. My mum and my sister.
That things can change and they will get sorted.

So yeah, I've been; Natural, natural with ginger streaks (that were meant to be chocolate brown), ginger, dark brown, brown, browny red, black, brown, purple, brown, browny red, blonde and gigner, red, browny red, brown, blonde and ginger, lighter shade of blonde and ginger and brown.
My hair history? Of what I can remember anyway!