Thursday, 21 October 2010


Ahh. Last day tomorrow!

Probably gonna be complaining of boredom these holidays, but hey. I can't wait to have a decent lie in and stay in bed all day! :)

I'm so so tired lately. I need to catch up on sleep and be lazy :)
Which isn't actually normally like me. I normally wake up at like 8 at weekends.
But now its getting to like 11. I know its not late, but it is for me!

I haven't had a nap for like 2 days now.
Bloody hell.
I feel like I've died.

Well, not really cos I'm still pretty awake and lively. But you know what I mean. Maybe...

But yeaaaaaah. I don't really know what to say. Well I do, but I'll end up rambling more and then people will probably know more than I want them to.

Hahaa, I was in town with James today. We went in a phonebox and rang.. someone. It was just really really funny. I didn't stop laughing for ages. And when I did, I started again. Haha.
Ah dear :')

Gonna go draw I think :)

Mr. Blog ♥

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