Sunday, 17 October 2010


Schoool tomorrrrowww... Major ceebs!
But hey.

Goddd.. It's so cold! Bloody global warming!
I regret blogging now!
It's freeezing.

However I do quite like it. I love clear, freezing cold days. Where the suns out and there seems to be a sense of warmth, but its freezing and there's leaves everywhere; brown, gold and red. And you've been outside for ages, then you come back inside, your face flushed pink, and you go and sit by the fire and have hot soup and homemade bread. Yum.

That would probably be my perfect winter day.

However much I like snow, I hate the way it doesn't last long enough. And the only time you seem to be able to play in it, is at night. Which does kinda make it more exciting, with the smell of burning in the night air...
But there is the fact that you could end up getting raped, and that spoils the whole idea for me personally.

But yeah.
Mmm. Winter! :D

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