Saturday, 2 October 2010

A basic insight of what went on with my hair this weekend...

Okay then. So, basically this is how my hair was before I started fucking it up this weekend :)

Problem No. 1. I turned blonde on top and ginger underneath. And yes, it looked worse than this in real life.

A worse picture... The light was on me more.

And that was basically because I used this:It was meant to strip all of the colour out of my hair. It obviously failed.

Problem No.2. I dyed my hair the next morning (after having to go to the chemist with my hood up. Yes, they did think I was weird) and I basically turned this colour:

Because of this hair dye:

I tried to cover up how bad I looked by putting my hair up while I went into town with my sister, to buy (yet again) more dye:Didn't make me look much better, I know.

Problem solved?
Okay, so I got more dye from town and I'm basically now the same colour I was before. Which is this:
Because of... This:
So basically I'm back to how I was.
What have I learnt this weekend?
Not to put too many colours on my hair at once because it will fuck up.
To listen to my mum.
Trying to hide your hair with a hoodie will work, but questions will be asked (by the butcher!)
That more people are bothered about MY hair than I am. i.e. My mum and my sister.
That things can change and they will get sorted.

So yeah, I've been; Natural, natural with ginger streaks (that were meant to be chocolate brown), ginger, dark brown, brown, browny red, black, brown, purple, brown, browny red, blonde and gigner, red, browny red, brown, blonde and ginger, lighter shade of blonde and ginger and brown.
My hair history? Of what I can remember anyway!

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