Thursday, 23 September 2010


Well... It's 7:56, and to be honest; I'm quite ready for bed. Hence why I look so bad in this picture. Well, I should really say worse than usual. But yeah, I've been getting really bad headaches lately and I'm not too sure why. So I need an early night, but I can never get to sleep so they're pretty pointless. But tomorrow I can have a lie in because I'm not at school! Teacher training.. Yey! I really need a day off. School is way too much effort lately.

My Facebook has completely crashed and I can't decide what to wear to Lucie's campout tomorrow! Bloody hell. So, tomorrow I shall have to decide.

Ooooooh. Which reminds me! I've got some "like well nice" Doc Martens! I love them!

Yeah, back to whatever I was on about.. Yeah, Lucie's. I'm really looking forward to it! It should be pretty darn fun! Hopefully :)

So yeeeeah.. I'm gonna go eat loads then go to bed pretty soon, because I'm really tired.


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