Monday, 20 September 2010

Things to do before I die

Well lately all my posts seem to be about nothing really. I can't be bothered posting pictures of things I like, because I'm really not in the mood. So, yet again, I thought I'd rant/talk nonsense and leave the pictures for tomorrow :)

SO yeah.. Not too long ago I wrote a list of things to do before I die (note: it is not on here) and yeah, I wrote a list and I only remembered I'd written it about two minutes ago.
I really want to complete the list before I die, because there are so many things that there are to be done and I don't want to waste it by doing nothing at all and just basically sitting around like I am doing now.

Hopefully I succeed in completing all of the things I want to do. Most probably wont happen, but there's no harm in trying is there? :)

Wooosh.. Don't really know what else to put to be honest.
I think I'm just gonna have to pull out a Johnny Depp DVD later.. Sweet trees.. He is gorgeous!
Ooooooh, he's so beautiful and such a talented actor! Nom nom nom! :D

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