Monday, 9 August 2010

Nothing to do today.

Yeah. Well, as it says; Nothing to do today.
I haven't done much this summer, which is highly annoying. I was gonna start making things with my nana's sewing machine. Never got round to doing it. I was also gonna sort my room out, learn to play chess, learn to play the guitar, make a scrap book, add pictures to my lookbook, buy a nice new photo album for all my photos, get new clothes, etc. (Italics-major need!) But no. On my free days, when I've not been friends, I've done nothing. Well, I've got 4 weeks left.. And all thats gonna have to change! From now on I'm gonna actually do something! I'm gonna stay on blogspot.. Okay, no. Well yes. But seriously, I need to start doing things!

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